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Open Journal Systems. 2012. Open Journal Systems. Public Knowledge Project.

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Academic blogging is part of a complex online academic attention economy, leading to unprecedented readership. 2013. Academic blogging is part of a complex online academic attention economy, leading to unprecedented readership. December 12. London, England: .

Castells, Manuel. 2006. Globalization and identity: A comparative perspective. pp. 56-67. Transfer.

Markoff, John. 2012. Troves of Personal Data, Forbidden to Researchers. May 21. New York, NY: The New York Times.

Prof. Hacker (Chuck Tryon). 2013. Recording and Hosting Podcasts Using the Internet Archive. January 14. Chronicle of Higher Education.

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Bearman, P. 2010. Expert Hard Problem 4. How do we understand why social processes, in particular civil violence, either persist over time or suddenly change over time? Columbia University.

Bostrom, N. 2010. Expert Hard Problem 6. How can one measure academic worth? Citation analysis? Panels of silver-haired luminaries? Is there something better? Oxford University.

Christakis, N. 2010. Expert Hard Problem 1. (How and why does the "social" become "biological"? That is, how is it that social factors affect our bodies --as individuals and as a species? What genetic and epigenetic mechanisms might underlie such effects? Is it possible that social and cultural evolution affects our genes, perhaps as much as our genes affect social and cultural phenomena?) Cambridge, MA: Harvard Medical School.

Doing Anthropology: Thoughts on Fieldwork From Three Research Sites. 2008. Doing Anthropology: Thoughts on Fieldwork From Three Research Sites. Cambridge, MA: .

Hard Problems in Social Science. 2010. Hard Problems in Social Science.

Moore, Henrietta. 2011. Henrietta L. Moore Audio and Video. (Professor Moore has a continuing long term research engagement with Africa. Her research programme has focused on gender, livelihood strategies, social transformation and symbolic systems.). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University.

Odwazny, JD, Laura. 2014. Conducting Internet Research: Challenges and Strategies for IRBs. (Slides: Washington, DC:

Singer, Natasha. 2014. Intel’s Sharp-Eyed Social Scientist. FEB. 15. New York, NY: The New York Times.

Swidler, A. 2010. Expert Hard Problem 2. How do societies create or re-build effective, powerful, and resilient institutions (for instance, governments)? What do social scientists have to contribute to the analysis of why, for example, in Iraq or Afghanistan, certain local authorities such as chiefs or clan elders retain their influence, while many imported institutions fail?] Berkeley, CA: UC Berkeley.

Taleb, N. 2010. Expert Hard Problem 3 How can we be robust against "Black Swans"; that is, how can we (1) identify domains where these consequential rare events play a large role (these are too rare for any statistical models track them properly), and (2) instead of predicting Black Swans, build systems and societies that can resist their shocks?]. NYU/Polytechnic.

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National Institute for Health. 2014. Videocasts. Washington, DC:

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American Sociology Associations Trails. 2010. ASA Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology. VA: American Sociology Association.

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